Wholesale Payments Agent Compensation Projection

Number of New Merchants per Month 8

Average Sales Volume Per Month 19,000 :

Agent Compensation Projection Chart

Wholesale Payments Inc. strives to create a situation conducive for a successful environment. Our compensation plan is one of the most comprehensive plans that pays for all value added services. Our plan is un-matched in the industry. Here are more services that add to our employee’s revenue stream:

Check Services:

A residual and $50 signing bonus per account

Gift Card Services:

$50 dollar signing bonus per account

Cash Advance:

4% paid on full amount funded to merchant

Company Contests:

Every month there will be a company contest. This encourages competition and the drive to succeed and be successful.
  •   - Cruises

  •   - Vacations

  •   - Laptops

  •   - Navigational Systems

  •   - Gift Cards

These are just a few previous competitions that have been held. We encourage leaders and a drive to succeed and be a lucrative employee here at Wholesale Payments Inc.

Amongst a competitive industry, we assert ourselves as a leader within the industry and among our employees. We value relationships and core values and will continue to be an innovator. Wholesale Payments Inc. is looking for individuals with the same desire for success, through our extensive, continued training, and professional work environment you will have the knowledge to facilitate to the most profitable merchants. If you feel you have the motivation and drive to succeed, we are looking for you.